Ailynix Research Team created multiple computational drug discovery platforms for identifying drug leads that improve the predictability, accuracy, and speed of drug discovery focusing Small Molecules, GPCR, Biologics, Antiviral and Repurposing.

Platform Companies

Ackyee a subsidiary of Ailynix, headquartered in Silicon Valley California employing Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Blockchain technology to create GPCR Molecular Identification Design and Structure (GPCRMIDAS). This is a platform used by Biotech startups and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) focusing on Small Molecule Drugs Targeting Allosteric, Functional, and Subunit-Selective Sites on GPCRs utilizing is platform GPCRMIDAS

Zivaah Technologies is a subsidiary of Ailynix, that collaborates with University Research Labs and Contract Research Organizations (CRO) ZivCADD is a customizable Computational Small Molecules Drug Discovery and Development platform that combines leading-edge computational chemistry technologies with unique structural biology capabilities, protein engineering, biophysics and chemistry.

Sprectroo a subsidiary of Ailynix,  that that specializes in computational and experimental approaches to incorporate available resources have been suggested for gaining a better understanding of disease mechanisms and the identification of repurposed drug candidates for personalized pharmacotherapy. Sprectroo drug repositioning technology to identifies a new indication of existing or already approved drugs, beyond the scope of their original use.

Zunomics is a subsidiary of Ailynix,  that that has developed a Computational Antiviral Drug Discovery (CAViDD)  Platform and collaborates with University Research Labs and Contract Research Organizations to discover novel oral antiviral drugs. Zunomics proprietary advanced artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled and medicinal chemistry platform allows the scientific team to mine unexplored chemical space to deliver innovative medicines, and has been used to identify and develop novel, highly specific drug leads.