Our leadership, including the management team and Board of Directors, is made up of venture capital investing,  AI technology, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry experts who are recognized for their contributions to discovering and developing new therapies and their track record of successfully bringing creating and managing AI-Enabled drug discovery startups.  

Greg Getten

Co-Founder, Chairman

Hentabli Hamza PhD

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Sehrish Naz, PhD

Chief Operating Officer

Henry Yu, PhD

General Manger – Asia Pacific

Board Members & Advisors

Pamela Garzone, PhD

Board Member

Daniel Kwong

Board Advisor

Girinath Pillai, PhD

Board Advisor

Rick Sayegh, MD, MBA

Medical Advisor

Raymond Choo, PhD

Technical Advisor

Henok G. Woldu, PhD

Technical Advisor

AI Engine & Platform Team

Ailynix AI Team conducts research on biology systems and generates enormous amounts of data, which needs to be stored, processed and analyzed, mapping data, originated from various experiments and associations, allowing to derive hidden data patterns, find dependencies and associations unknown before, proprietary biological network-based algorithms to discover drug-disease connections and biomarkers that are predictive of efficacy. Our Deep Learning (DL) is a system that involves training systems called artificial neural networks on lots of information derived from key data inputs, and then introducing new information to the mix. Predictive modeling of biological processes and drugs becomes significantly more sophisticated and widespread. By leveraging the diversity of available molecular and clinical data, predictive modeling could help identify new potential-candidate molecules with a high probability of being successfully developed into drugs that act on biological targets safely and effectively.

Hentabli Hamza PhD

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Fatima Boumahdi PhD

Chief AI Officer

Fouaz Berrail PhD

Director, Computer-Aided-Drug Discovery

Nabila Berrabia

AI Research Scientist

Ghassan Hadj Ahmed

Director, Platform Product Development

Noureddine Boumahdi

Director, Platform Product Development

Drug Discovery Team

We partner with University Labs and CRO’s to deliver experimentally validated novel chemical matter. We combine molecular simulations, machine learning and high performance computing algorithms to perform structure-based drug design.  Our platform allows our partners to leverage their proprietary wet-lab technologies to interrogate biology in new ways.

Sehrish Naz, PhD

Team Leader

Mario Rossi, PhD

Scientific Advisor

Mohit Sharma PhD

Research Scientist

Siham Lakrikh, PhD

Computational Chemist

Sajda Ashra, PhD

Computational Biologist

Victor Adediwura

Research Assistant